The Ba Futuru Preschool Team

Our Staff

Our staff are passionate and inspired national and international educators. While our international and high-level national staff are responsible for managing and enhancing Ba Futuru’s Early Childhood Education Program, they also spend regular and valuable time in our ECEF working directly with our educators and children.

Our leading educators are responsible for planning all lessons and activities, they are the creators and implementers of our diverse and fun education program. They have acquired valuable theoretical and practical knowledge in education through professional development, study, experience and working collaboratively. Their work is supported by our teaching assistants, international volunteers, and our amazing mana “Gina” who makes the food for everyone and allows us to enjoy a clean and happy learning environment.

In order to ensure children’s positive development and that the ECEF’s programs remain child-centered, planning, programming, child observations and assessments are an integral part of our work, assisting us to plan learning experiences and activities accordingly.

We evaluate children’s progress through an ongoing process which gives an insight into their interests, achievements or barriers to learning, from which next steps in learning and teaching can be planned.

Studies have shown that play has a positive impact on children’s overall development and aids learning and teaching. Play enhances creativity and problem-solving, contributes to development of self- regulation, creates empathy, increases children’s vocabulary and numeracy skills and strengthens relationships with peers.