Parental and Community Involvement

Parent-educator conferences are held at least twice a year, and it is obligatory for at least one parent to attend. At these conferences, we will provide an introduction to our facility and discuss any special topics coming up during the educational year. In addition to the parent-educator conferences, direct meetings with each child’s parents are held at least once a year. Such meetings strengthen relationships between caregivers and parents, and inform each party about the child’s development and behavior.

We have an open door policy to encourage parents to participate in the daily activities. Parents are welcome to offer time, talents and donations to the ECEF. Visits can be scheduled through the responsible lead educators or project coordinators and might be used to spend quality time with the child, participate in their child’s activities, receive mentoring regarding child development and play based learning, or share their own skills and talents.

Parents of the local community are given the opportunity to devote their time to the ECEF in order to cover the attendance fees. Parents can donate their time in many ways, like assisting in celebrations or excursions; teaching children specific knowledge or skills; or assisting on a regular basis (such as two hours or one day per week) to maintain the facility’s infrastructure (i.e. gardening or cleaning).