Regular Attendance

– Children must always be brought into the room and picked up by a parent or authorized adult older than 14 years, who notifies the educator upon arrival.

– Children need to be picked up at 4 pm. In cases of emergencies, parents need to give notice. After three times of late pick-up, the staff will request a fee of 10% of the month’s payment.

– Children are not allowed to bring violent toys into the classrooms and the ECEF is not responsible for any missing items.

– Annual classes start in January. Children can be registered in November. Any open positions will be filled throughout the year. In the case that not all students can be incorporated, a waiting list will be prepared.

– Children will move automatically from one class to the other until ready for primary school. If parents wish to withdraw their children the school director or international preschool teacher must be notified and the withdrawal form signed a month prior to the withdrawal.

– Termination of Services from the ECEF’s side can occur in the wake of failure to pay monthly fees on a timely basis, long-term aggressive or abusive behavior by a parent or a child, or failure to adhere to the ECEF’s policies as outlined in the Parent and Policy Handbook.

– The ECEF operates throughout the whole year and adheres to the national holidays. Additionally, the ECEF will be closed for two additional weeks per year for staff’s capacity building and infrastructure work.