Ba Futuru built our Early Childhood Education Facility in 2012, with support from the Sunrise Joint Venture and the STARS Foundation, to house our preschool. Enrollment at the preschool is open to Timorese and international children, and the facility is staffed by Timorese and international educators. Ba Futuru’s preschool is now providing a safe and supportive learning and play environment for young children between 2-6 years of age to prepare them socially, emotionally and mentally for formal schooling. The Facility includes two classrooms fully equipped with age-appropriate educational equipment to support children’s development.

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The preschool is part of Ba Futuru’s Early Childhood Development Initiative, which is working to improve the quality of preschool education for children across Timor-Leste. So far the project has trained more than 150 educators from 6 districts of Timor-Leste on early childhood education, child protection, and first aid. Ba Futuru’s preschool is from time to time also used for mentoring these external educators in how to use effective early learning strategies.