Ba Futuru

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Ba Futuru has undertaken its Early Childhood Development Initiative with the assistance of the Sunrise Joint Venture and STARS Foundation (UK),  as well as small grants support from the Public Affairs Small Grants Fund of the US Embassy in Timor-Leste and New Zealand’s International Aid and Development Program, Head of Mission Fund.

This initiative has two major components:

               1.       Early Childhood Education Facility – preschool for children 2-6

               2.      Training for early childhood educators across Timor-Leste

Ba Futuru’s Early Childhood Education Facility opened in 2013 and began providing a safe and supportive learning and play environment for young children  to prepare them socially, emotionally and mentally for formal schooling. The Facility includes two classrooms fully equipped with age-appropriate educational equipment to support children’s development.

Enrollment at the preschool is open to Timorese and international children, and the facility is staffed by Timorese and international educators and early childhood professionals. Due to the increased skill level of childcare practitioners who attend training and mentoring sessions, this initiative is also benefiting children throughout Timor-Leste at the grassroots level whose educators receive training and mentoring at Ba Futuru’s facility.