Alignment With National Policy for Preschool Education

The Ba Futuru Pre-School aligns itself with the National Policy Framework for Preschool Education, while keeping up-to-date with ongoing developments in this field. Our pre-school program is committed to the following principles, as outlined by the Ministry of Education:

  • Provision of a supportive environment for children, families and staff
  • Empowerment of families
  • Promotion of a comprehensive vision of health for children
  • Providing comprehensive learning opportunities addressing all aspects of development, cognitive, social and emotional, speech and language, fine and gross motor skills
  • We embrace a community where adults and children are treated as individuals and are part of our community
  • Fostering and maintaining a strong and positive relationship with our neighboring Seroja Community
  • Provision of a continuum of care, dedication and services that allow stable and consistent support to families and children
  • Ba Futuru follows the Government of Timor Leste‚Äôs Early Childhood Curriculum, published in 2014, which was created by national and international experts.
  • In addition, our preschool teachers help with providing mentoring to other preschool teachers in the Dili and surrounding municipalities.