Meet our staff

Betty Fatima is Ba Futuru’s preschool coordinator, she is currently in New Zealand as part of her professional development. She has been working with Ba Futuru’s various education programs for many years and is a qualified teacher. Prior to beginning her work with Ba Futuru, she received training in photography, dance and drama.
Octavia de Deus Maia (mana Atay) is Acting Coordinator. She has been working as a Teacher at Ba Futuru’s preschool for 3 years. Prior to working at Ba Futuru, Octavia worked at Saint Mary’s Child Development Center from 2015 through to 2016, as a teaching assistant. She graduated as an accountant from Tribuwana University, East Java in Indonesia.
Marculina de Jesus (mana Noy) is a Teacher at Ba Futuru. She had 6 years of experience as a nanny prior to joining Ba Futuru. She also has training on first aid and early childhood education. Her gentle and intelligent nature shine through in all her interactions with the children.
Ana Graciana da Silva (mana Mota) is an educator who works primarily with the 2-3 year old class. She is full of enthusiasm and love for the children. She followed the Early Childhood Education training at the Green School in Bali, Indonesian. She has received mentoring and hands on training in early childhood education and we are proud to have her on our team.
Adriana da Cruz works in the 4-6 year old Explorer classroom. She was a nanny for 7 years and then completed early childhood training with the Alola Foundation. Aria is a fabulous storyteller, and always makes learning fun.
Meron Hansen is a volunteer from Germany. She has been with Ba Futuru Preschool since August 2019 and will work with our teachers and students until July 2020. She is passionate about social justice, education and human rights.
Luizinha “Gina” de Jesus Maia assists at the preschool with cleaning and preparing healthy food for the kids.