Ba Futuru’s afternoon session utilizes the Timor-Leste government curriculum to educate our Timorese students.

The morning session utilizes a curriculum is based on a wide range of approaches from Australia, the US, Sweden, Finland and Timor-Leste’s Policy Framework on Early Childhood Education. Through play, participatory teaching strategies and child-centred approaches, we stimulate social and emotional development, cognitive and creative development, language development, sensory development, physical and motor development, health and self-regulation. The development and promotion of resulting competencies are interrelated and can take place simultaneously, at every child’s individual pace.

Studies have shown that play has a positive impact on children’s overall development and aids learning and teaching. Play enhances creativity and problem solving, contributes to development of self-regulation, creates empathy, increases children’s vocabulary and numeracy skills and strengthens relationships with peers. At the ECEF we follow a learning and teaching approach based on play, participation and each child’s specific needs, interests and wants.


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