Pedagogical Approach

Our pedagogy is based on child-centered approaches, though Play-Based Learning (PBL) and Place Based Education (PBE).  We also use the Jolly Phonics Literacy and Montessori Maths Programme. We value the importance of children Learning to Move and Moving to Learn.

We believe it is important to foster Empathy, Creativity, Earth Guardianship, Leadership, Friendliness, and Resilience in our students. We also teach exploration, health and empowerment, while encouraging students to become team players. We encourage our students to participate in our friendship programme providing them social skills to engage positively with their peers.

We use the Participatory approach encouraging children to think for themselves therefore empowering children to actively contribute to the teaching and learning process. Children develop skills, attitudes and knowledge at their own pace working with committed and passionate teachers. Accordingly our students develop in competence and confidence while making decisions, and sharing responsibilities, opinions and interests.  We are committed to physical and psychological non-violent practices.