Teachers observe, notice and respond to children learning both formally and informallyInformal assessment is done when children are engaged within activities both planned and unplanned.  Teachers modify programmes/activities to suit individual children’s needs therefore the teaching and learning is kept at an optimal level.

We document each child’s interests, skills, attitudes, dispositions and knowledge by recording it regularly, and evaluating where to next within the programme plan and therefore encouraging higher teaching and learning outcomes.  Our formal assessment is done through play based learning and our Jolly Phonics and Montessori Maths programmes. Teachers evaluate ongoing learning progress and recording it in school reports.  School reports are shared at the end of the 2nd, and 4th terms and during the 2nd term we hold a 3-way conference with you and your child to discuss your child’s accomplishments, difficulties, and to gain information regarding your aspirations, expectations, goals, concerns and needs. Teachers are always available to meet and discuss your child by request.