Other Information

Please send your child with an extra set of clothing each day, or leave an extra set of clothing at school for them (labeled with their name) and replace it once its used. They can also bring a labeled water bottle, this is especially good if they are coming on the school bus.
Candy, gum, money, balloons and violent toys (such as swords or guns) must be left at home. The ECEF will not be held responsible for lost jewelry, toys, or other personal items.
Children often take small items home with them to remind them of their school. If parents find any small toys, puzzle pieces or other items that belong to the school, please help the child to return them to his/her classroom.

Display of Pictures/Information Sharing
Children’s pictures may be used for advertisement and information sharing in order to promote our facility and its activities, unless parents ask that their child’s photos are not used/shared. Personal information regarding children’s development and well-being will be kept confidential, but shared amongst the ECEF’s staff in order to ensure the best care and education services. If necessary, medical advice or other experts’ advise will be sought.