Daily Routine and Schedule

Arrival and Departure Time
Arrival and departure time provide children and parents with the opportunity to have a relaxed start/finish. The morning session starts at 9am and children should not arrive before 8:45 am. The afternoon session starts at 2pm and should not arrive before 1:45 unless they are a full day student. Children leave either at 12pm or at 4pm. Children must always be brought into the room by a parent or authorized adult, who notifies the educator upon arrival. They are encouraged to spend a few minutes with the child before leaving for the day and spend a few minutes on departure-time to have a look at the child’s work and/or a little chat with the educators or other parents.
If parents are going to be more than 15 minutes late to pick up their child they should contact the child’s teacher. During the registration process, parents will be asked to provide details on departure time and authorized persons for picking up children. After three times of late pick-up (over 15 minutes), the staff are permitted to request a fee of 10% of the month’s payment in the student’s next invoice.

Small group learning
Small group learning activities are planned and directed by educators related to curriculum topics and conducted throughout the free-choice periods. Children will be encouraged by educators to use their initiative to choose which activity to participate in. Usually groups consist of 4-6 children in order to provide the best support for all children.

Free-choice periods
During free-choice periods, children may select one or more activities with- in the Preschool area, such as block building, dramatic play, arts, books or manipulative toys. They may play and work on their own, with a friend or in small groups, with an educator or without.

Morning/Meeting circles
Throughout circle time, all children meet in the meeting area. This time may consist of planning or discussing activities or special events, sharing experiences, playing games, singing songs or telling stories. Children have opportunities to practice and enhance their social skills by actively participating in these circles and interacting with others.

Reading time
Reading is one of the best exposures to language as well as sets a foundation to independent reading. It helps children to be familiar with sounds, words, and eventually the value of joy of the book. Reading stories stimulates children imagination and helps them learn about the world around them. It’s also a great time for teachers to bond with children and share time together.

Snack time
During snack time, children have the opportunity to eat healthy snacks. Preschoolers are strongly encouraged to take their snacks at snack-time, so as not to interrupt their other sessions, however if a child is thirsty or hungry at another time they will be provided something.

Outdoor play
Outdoor play is an essential part of child’s day and essential part of promoting child’s motor skills and social skills. Therefore, our educators ensure balanced time of indoor and outdoor play.

Registration Process
Annual classes start in January or in September. We ask parent’s to confirm their child’s registration one month in advance. For new student a $50 registration fee is collected at the time they register.
Should it not be possible to incorporate all children applying for positions, a waiting-list will be prepared and implemented in case of drop-outs and be held until the year after. In the case that not all open positions in the ECEF are being filled, these positions will be open and filled with incoming students throughout the year.