Philosophy and Mission Statement

In Ba Futuru’s Early Childhood Education Facility (ECEF) we believe that children are curious and eager to learn. They have an inherent desire to make sense of themselves, the world and others and are active participants in their environment. They can communicate their needs and wants, make their own choices, think, experience, explore, ask and search for answers. They learn best when active and interested, accompanied by warm and stable personal relationships with their educators and caretakers.

Therefore, our goal is to provide each child with a warm and enriching environment that encourages the development of social skills, independence and a positive self-image. Thus we aim to create open, empowering, and inclusive structures and spaces for learning. Hence, our educators manifest their care and respect for children by encouraging them to think for themselves, make decisions, work towards their own solutions, and express their ideas and feelings. We also embrace the belief that parents are the first and most important educators and are therefore valuable partners in childcare and education. We share the common goal of fostering children’s development and well-being.

Finally, our ECEF supports every staff member’s growth as a professional. We encourage our staff to participate in external trainings and place a special emphasize on in-house trainings and ongoing supervision and mentoring.