Pedagogical Approach


Our pedagogy is based on child-centered approaches, play-based learning, participatory teaching and the commitment to non-violence, whether it is physical or psychological. This means we believe in the children’s ability to communicate their needs and wants, to make choices, experience, explore, ask and search for answers. In this way, children are empowered to be active participants in their education and development. Participation in this context means the promotion of related attitudes and competencies, such as taking and sharing responsibilities, developing opinions and interests and representing them, resolving conflicts constructively, listening carefully and respectfully to others or creating empathy and solidarity with adults and peers. Such attitudes and competencies, however, can rarely be taught: instead, they are acquired through modeling and practical application. Therefore, within our ECEF, we create open, empowering and inclusive structures and spaces for learning. Children actively participate in activities, but are also included in making decisions about daily routines.